National Export Corporation
What is known and widely repected as the National Group had taken a modest start by establishment of National Export Corporation - a trading Company which started operation in 1978. The Company's diversified experience in exports of knitted and woven fabrics provided a concrete base for further growth into spinning sector.

J.A. Textile Mills Limited
A Public Limited Company which started commercial production in April, 1992. The mills is equipped with technologically advanced, ultramodern spinning plant of 15360 spindles and ancillaries from World famous suppliers, where we manufacture 100% Cotton Yarn ( Carded / Combed ).

Machinery Details
Equitment Make Country
Blow Room Toyoda-Ohara Japan
Carding Crosrol Tandem U.K.
Drawing Toyoda Japan
Comber Toyoda Japan
Simplex Toyoda FL 16 Japan
Ring Frames Toyoda RY5 Japan
Auto Coners Murata (7-11) Japan
Dust & Waste Collection System LUWA Switzerland

Asim Textiles Mills Limited.
A Public Limited Company taken over by the group in 1994 is in the forefront as manufacturer and exporter of Polyester / Cotton yarns. The Capacity of the mills is 19, 200 spindles.

Machinery Details
Equitment Make Country
Blow Room Ohtori, Trutzschler Japan
Carding Howa High Production Cards (CMK-3) Japan
Drawing High Speed Drawing Frames (DFK-2CS) Japan
Simplex Howa Simplex Fly Frames (RME) Japan
Ring Frames Howa Ring Frames (UA-33F) Japan
Auto Coners Murata Macth Coner (7-11) Japan
Dust & Waste Collection System LUWA Switzerland

Zeeshan Energy Limited.
Considering the irreliability of the state provided power arrangements, to assure efective meeting of deadlines Zeeshan Energy Ltd. was set up in 1996. This 6.9 MW Power Plant provides in-house power arrangements for both our spinning mills.

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